Autism; Interrupted.

In system programming, an interrupt is a signal to the processor emitted by hardware or software indicating an event that needs immediate attention.  In behavior, an interrupt is a signal to the brain indicating an event needs attention to distract the person.  In Autism, an interrupt is a life ring to which the person can anchor, and regain control of their body and behavior.  We’re interrupting Autism in my house.

If you’re searching for the latest research and therapy for Autism, you probably won’t find it here.  I don’t have charts and graphs, and I really don’t care to sell you a cure, or the promise of one.  I’m not jumping on the “blog bandwagon” to get in while it’s hot.  Autism certainly is a big buzzword now, and it’s becomming quite an industry too, from bumper stickers to non-profit events, there is gold to be made even there.  But not for me.  They say when you’ve met someone with Autism, you know ONE person with Autism.  Our Autism isn’t Jenny McCarthy’s Autism, nor is it Temple Grandin’s Autism, or any other diagnosed person’s autism.  I only know our experience so I have no verified advice or answers for you.  Oh, and if you want debate, you won’t find it here at all.  This is my blog, for my words.  Yeah, I know – that is a bit selfish, but if you want to voice a different opinion, why not just start your own blog?  It’s free and you’re free to post all you like on it once you’ve made it! This blog is a safe place.  I’ll talk a lot about feeling safe later.

If you’re sitting there in the dark with tears running down your face in yesterday’s jammies finishing off half a peanut butter sandwich you found on the book shelf, not daring to turn on the TV for fear of waking the child who just crashed after 30 hours of YouTube and meltdowns, searching google for [autism mom alone isolated I’m about to lose my shit doesn’t anyone understand do you even hear me how am I supposed to do this?] thinking how frustrated you are that in all the online forums and websites you just can’t seem to find someone who gets YOUR Autism and although there are parent groups in your area, you cannot get out of the house to go to them because you don’t have any support system besides yourself, and all you want is more than 3 hours of sleep in one session, a shower, and a hot meal….. Well, then you are my intended audience.

My name is Tasha and I am an autism mom.   My son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2008 at age 2.  In 2009, my husband passed suddenly, leaving me and our three kids alone with no family.  I lost all support systems.  Through this blog, I hope to tell our story.  Maybe you can identify with something I say, and then you’ll know you aren’t alone.  I’m no superhero.  Nothing in my education or work experience prepared me for this and the only training I’ve had is what my son and I have learned together.  It all started with the interrupt, something I began doing that produced the result of actually interrupting the Autism in my son.

This is all the time I have today for this, but I hope it’s enough to interest you into reading more.  Thanks for stopping by.


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