He saved a life today

I’m sitting on the couch surfing channels and staring at facebook while boy is outside playing in his tiny plastic wading pool.  He starts yelling “I need a wave!  I want wave please Momma!  Wave NOW!” while running into the house.  “A wave?  We don’t have waves in that pool and we’re not going to the beach.  Do you need me to dump out your pool?”  He doesn’t like it when there’s grass and stuff floating in his pool – we do clean water… We had just dumped and refilled it little while before then. “Yes, Mama!  I want dump out pool please because it’s…..because it’s….Please dump out my pool!”  I follow him outside, and there in the pool, swimming for it’s life, is a big black and yellow striped bumble bee.  Boy carefully helps me dump the pool out, and I scooped up the bee on a piece of cardboard and he grabbed it to help set it on the juniper bush.  The bee stretched out it’s wings in the sun and started drying off.  We refilled the pool and boy went back to playing in the water.

I’ve mentioned before that the boy speaks with metaphor – using videos and books to communicate his needs and wants.  In this case, he was referencing a Wonder Pets episode where the trio saves an animal by riding on a wave to safety.  There is no doubt whatsoever in my head that the wanted to save the bee – not just get it out of his pool.  And after the bee was happily drying in the sun, Boy cheered and jumped around the yard.

He saved a bee.  I’m quite sure he’s very aware of what he’s done.  He understands what he’s learned about bees dying, and how vital they are.  My baby boy…..his empathy overwhelms me sometimes.



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