The conversation…

We’re riding back from our Occupational Therapy appointment, and it was a great session!  The chemistry between our OT and the boy is amazing.  They love each other so much!  He lives for her approval, and she brings out the wonderful things in him!  We were in a great mood.  Suddenly, from the back seat, I hear “Haunted house!”  The jazz radio station is playing some piano music with tinkling high notes, and it sounds a little like spooky music.  I ask “Was it the music? Does it sound like a haunted house?

A sigh….and in the rearview mirror I can see his brow furrowed…he tries again, with a tone that says with a little impatience as if he thought I needed clarification… “Haun-ted Howwwwwwwsssseeeee”

“Oh…did you see a haunted house?”

In his real voice…. “yeah….back there”

——He has two voices.  The main voice is made up of loud, halting speech that sounds a little on the edge of out of control – and usually it’s ecolalia babble or parroting.  The real voice is very soft and high pitched, almost timid, and he says amazing things with it, but if you’re not listening hard, you miss it.  He rarely uses the real voice.

“WOW, a real haunted house!  You’ll have to show me next week!”

This was probably the first conversation he’s initiated with me about his environment.  I think it was pretty cool!



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