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This is not a discussion. This is my podium right now. It’s not a press conference nor a debate. Go light some incense, take a drink of water, and meditate. We all need to ground and center RIGHT NOW.


We are all broken. I ache for so many children who are losing their parents. This crisis is born of problems I cannot comprehend. Of course ALL lives matter, but I don’t see videos of white American men getting shot by cops in front of their families – I think if it was happening it would be ALL OVER THE PLACE, don’t you? I mean, the stories in the news about white men are either young white men committing horrible acts and being patted on the head and coddled, right OR they are creepy old pediophiles. For the most part, white male criminals are left alone…We have a whole “District” of them, and we put them there and keep them in charge. But no, I have to go with “Black Lives Matter” because it’s the young black men who are getting shot in our streets….by men we certify with the right to take human life for whatever reason they see fit.

See what I said there? We are certifying these men to take a life. Maybe we should put a little more into deciding who we allow to take a life. The snipers had completely justified their shooting – and in their mind, they were doing the “right thing”. You don’t learn to shoot like that in a gang…someone teaches you…the military…the police force….They weren’t some kids who took daddy’s guns and went shootin’ with a soundtrack of goth metal one night. These were trained people. They had been trained to be good guys with guns.

Those cops who shot innocent people were supposed to the be good guys….. The good guys with guns……See why I’m scared of everyone who thinks they are the “good guy with the gun”. Anyone can justify the most horrendous of crimes….what would you do in the name of protecting your kids – your spouse – your mother…When you finally had enough and something had to be done. Good guys with guns in the names of their families, their country, their religion who will go to their graves insisting they had the right to murder young black men in the street.

But back to what I was saying….My soul hurts for the children who lost parents to “good guys with guns”. Children who will grow up without. The children who will never recover from the trauma of watching a murder. The children who will never recover at all. The children who will grow up and vote on gun laws and background checks…The children who will finally stand up and say “ENOUGH! ENOUGH with the racial cleansing!

Just put the damn guns down….and find a better way….PLEASE!

Disclaimer – Please don’t “generalize” my comments. I’m not saying all cops or all white males or all black males or all gun owners or all politicians or all anything…….

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