Absent without Blogging

Well, hey guys!  I’ve been AWOB – absent without blogging – yeah, I know…but you gotta understand…well, I think the Autism Moms already do…When an Autism mom is quiet?  That usually means things are so great that she just doesn’t have time for blogging or so bad there’s no way in the world anyone else can help – because Autism moms KNOW how to ask for help.  We don’t – not nearly as often as we should – but trust me, we all have a mental checklist of those few friends who you could call at 2 AM and just say “Help” and they’d show up with the Red Cross trailer and a team of people who hand out sandwiches and valium while burying the body quickly without anyone noticing…… Head-nod to you guys…you know who you are….anyway, so things have been really good for the boy and I….I mean…like majorly good.  Our caregiver needed some time off and older kid was working a lot which means the boy and I have had quite a bit of quality time….and man it’s been fantastic!  I’m not saying things like cured or anything like that.  Let’s just say that most of his behavior now is regular 10 year old boy behavior.

Today I watched him as another young man a bit higher functioning shared his Mario Kart plushies with my boy, and they played together.  My son has never played together with another child before.  He gave the new friend tons of eye contact and facial expressions and even spoke to him.  And the new friend was completely conversational with the boy, and waited very very patiently for my boy to get an answer out.  I sat in tears.  It was amazing.   In the past week, we’ve been on shopping trips, without the GPS Tracker or the chair.  They’ve been brief trips at very low-traffic times..where this patient child carefully fetches items and loads the basket, then unloads it, put the bags in the cart, pushes them to the car and tries his best to load them into the trunk.  Today, I rolled down the windows in the back seat and let him play in the wind – another first.  I’ve never trusted him with an opened window before.

And tonight, we did a little math exercise with a package of 13 Oreo cookies.  And I was being silly – I said, I”ll settle this quickly, I take one, then there’s 12, and I popped it in my mouth, but I realized I had to keep this going, so I’m talking with an oreo on my tongue…and the boy seems to need less processing time to respond….I’m not sure why…but I noticed the same thing when I sang my questions, he needed less processing time.  I’m getting close to cracking this for him I think.  If I can talk in a way that cancels out the waves going in his auditory center, then he needs less time to process what he’s said.  I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.  Wouldn’t it be crazy if this crazy cat lady single mom almost homeless cracked autism? LOL  stranger things.


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