Boy loves chocolate milk.  Boy doesn’t trust anyone.  He’ll only drink chocolate milk from a sealed bottle he watches you open – because of early attempts at dosing with medicine.  We still don’t take medicine – not even tylenol.  Other than that, he drinks water.  Nothing else.  He eats brown, crunchy things for the most part.  Bread, cheese, pizza, and fruit.  I’m very concerned, though, because he’s gone from a size 8 to a size 12 in about 2 months, while his diet has stayed that of a toddler’s, only 3 times as much food at least.

While in Costco, I saw cases of “Dark Chocolate Fudge meal replacement drink – compare to Ensure”  and I didn’t even look at the price, I just bought it.  I figured if he wouldn’t drink it, I knew people who would.  I brought it home, chilled a few cartons and asked if he wanted one.  He tried it and LOVED it!!!

So now I have peace of mind that my son is getting nutrition.  I did check the price, and a case will do us for a month for now, and it’s well in the budget.  I can relax a little now and hopefully his growing pains wont be so bad now that he’s getting nutrition.


YAY  small victory 🙂


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