So, did anything go right?

Tunnel vision.  We all get it from time to time.  There are good things, good times.  He does set his own bedtime between 7 and 9 PM every night, and usually wakes up around 4 AM.  He enjoys his sleep.  He can voice his needs, place his order in a restaurant, dress himself completely  (if we’re going somewhere he wants to go),  and can keep himself entertained as long as there is an internet connection and a working computer.

He has amazing problem solving skills and a wonderful sense of humor.  He enjoys singing and teaching songs to others, and his singing voice is very sweet.  He is a perfectionist, but only demands of others what he expects for himself.  He loves to learn.  He will spend hours researching something on his computer from every angle and side – The other day, it was Gene Roddenberry – The first words he read out loud to me in 2009 – And he was watching Star Trek videos, looking at ship schematics, singing the theme songs, pulling up Encounter at Farpoint (his favorite episode)  on the TV, and then performed a self-accompanied interpretive dance of his findings.

He knows what he likes and what he doesn’t.  If he doesn’t make a choice, it means doesn’t have an opinion and probably will not develop one.  He is quite selective about what and who he allows into his personal space.  He has such confidence – damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead! – driven to achieve and determined to win praise.

I had to take him with me to do the weekly grocery shopping.  This is not something I’ve enjoyed because hanging onto him is a full time job in itself, and shopping is too – and I can’t wrangle the wheelchair/stroller AND a shopping cart at the same time.  But he surprised me….and now we do the shopping together quite often.

He asked for his stroller when we pulled into the parking lot, and I explained why I couldn’t happen.  He would have to be a 10 year old boy and help Mama because I needed his help today.  He stayed beside me the whole trip, holding onto the basket.  He’d ask “I want poptarts please because they are yummy!”  Then wait patiently for permission to go pick out 1 box, which he’d bring back and put in the basket and assume his post beside me.   This also happened with cereal, jelly, peanut butter, apples, bananas, and some chocolate milk.   What really stood out for me from this trip is when we got to the car with the heaping basket of bags.  I opened the trunk, and started to lift a bag, when he pushed me back from the car gently, and started loading the bags into the trunk.  He unloaded the entire cart, then pushed the cart to the corral next to the car, then got in the car and put on his seatbelt.  When we got home, he helped bring the bags in and occupied himself on his computer long enough for me to put them away.

He has empathy and sympathy.  He is very charitable and loves to share.  He communicates through music from his favorite tv shows.    He feels joy and sadness to the core of his being and shares those feelings with those around him.  He begged me to rescue a bee that was drowning in his pool during the summer – and jumped and hollered when it started drying it’s wings in the sunshine.  He is a foodie with very specific tastes – loves to enjoy the flavors and textures of food and when I make his favorite foods, he is always very happy and grateful.

He is outspoken although he rarely speaks as himself.  There is no guessing with him as to where you stand in his life, but you never run out of chances with him either.  And he loves…..he loves deeply.

He has beautiful blue eyes and once he decides he can trust you, he’s lavish with his eye contact.   He’s not afraid to say “I love you!”  and never judges anyone on looks.

He’s a good kid.  He’s beautiful inside and out.

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