So how do I cope?

How do I keep my sanity in this life I’ve described?  I’m a singer/songwriter.

In fact, I just released my first album – self produced…

It’s not high quality recording – It was produced on an old laptop held together with duct tape and bailing wire with a cheap mic and dollar tree headphones.  But it’s all original and it’s all me.

It’s a good sign that I’m writing again.  It’s something I lost many years ago.  I’ve made great progress in identifying my feelings and communicating with others by writing music.  I’m currently working on a way to have my music support CJ and I.  I’m learning how to compose in different genres, I’ve even submitted some of my songs to listings for use in TV and Film.  Granted, I’m a novice in this field, and it shows in my music, but I’m learning and getting more professional every day.   Instead of buying a coffee, I pay 5 bucks to submit a song.  It’s like buying lottery tickets or playing bingo.  But I also have hopes that people will be willing to buy my CD’s once they know about CJ.  I don’t want to put him on the CD’s because I don’t want to commercialize him or Autism.  For that same reason, I have no desire to become a public speaker or authority on Autism – we are not a poster child or a trained monkey making public appearances.

So, I will keep making albums and putting them up for sale.  I’m not allowed the luxury of performing, cuz…well, I’m with CJ 24/7.  I don’t wanna perform though – gigging and stages aren’t for me.  I wanna write songs, and put them out there for someone else to sing.

You wanna help me and CJ?  Go listen to  my first album, Woman in the Window over at  and if you like it, there is a link where you can buy and download it.  I’m not a non-profit or a business.  All proceeds from the album to into the general household fund to buy groceries and pay the bills, and the occasional pizza.  If it’s not your kinda music, I get that too 🙂  Thanks for reading my blog.  So far, this has been a safe and therapeutic place.

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