There is a finish line….

The annual home visit with the DDA worker was last night.  I told her the honest truth.

and she heard me.

Help is on the way.  More personal care hours.  More people willing to join in on this passion project with crappy hours, low pay, and crazy schedules.  I can’t see the finish line yet, but I can see the little birds on the tops of the flagpoles —-I think….

Either way, it’s the home stretch.

I got a letter back from President Obama.  obamas-letter

I like the phrase “Difficult stretch”.  No, I LOVE IT.  Empathy yet encouragement that this is just a stretch.  And that he includes links at the end.  That says “Here’s the help I can give you”.  And perhaps it really was written by an intern who drew the short straw….It’s got President Obama’s name on it…and with that comes his authority.  This probably made the list of top 10 life moments for me.

I hear the horns – I know help is on way, and 10X what I could ever imagine.  I can’t help feeling a little guilty about what it took for me to vocalize the need and how it manifested.  But, it’s the intent and the result, isn’t it?

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