Not gonna stop raging until I collapse.

So you all know I”m not just raging at the heavens with shaking fists, I’ve emailled my case manager once again, and detailed, AGAIN, in writing, why I need more assistance than the “Average Family”. I cc’d it to someone at pc2. I am not trying to get people in trouble, nor am I trying to tell people how to do their jobs. It’s just come to the point where I”m just gonna have to keep yelling this till someone who CAN help does.
To clarify: If you are my friend, then I know you care. I also know that most of you have chronic health issues and other taxing things in your life that don’t give you much time for yourself. YOU are not the people I’m yelling at. I know my rants can be motivating and leave people feeling helpless. But don’t. I’ve assessed your life…each and every one of you…and I’ve assessed your abilities to help me….and I’ve asked you for those things I understand you can give…and I don’t expect more than that. You give willingly what is asked of you. And you’ve offered and I”ve accepted.
I am yelling because I know I cannot be the only person in the world in this situation. Certainly, I am not that unique. So who helps the others who are like us? Or are they just shoved into the corner and kept helpless and quiet so we all don’t drag down the party?
“you say you are so inclusive as long as we are unobtrusive”
Rainbows don’t have jagged edges
So, I”m not gonna stop raging at the heavens with shaking fists, and eventually will probably collapse from exhaustion. Thing is…I haven’t given up and I won’t give up. You haven’t seen the struggle till now because I believed no one wanted to see it. Yes, I’ve managed it great so far…..but I am getting tired. I don’t have the time or energy to start lobbying or letter writing or petitioning. I don’t have anyone to do it for me either. There is no “cure” for autism. He’s not gonna “get well”. Shouldn’t we be trying to give him the best life he can have? I can’t give what I don’t have.

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