That I could be that…

Me: You want a shower before school today?

Boy: No school today.

Me: Yes, you have school, it’s early release. You want shoes or snow boots

Boy: No SCHOOL Today!

Me: Yes, school today. You want shoes or snow boots?


Me: yes. Boots or shoes?

Boy: *grumble* *sigh* Snow boots!

Then proceeded to dress himself and put on his snow boots.  He didn’t like them when I brought them home.  Finally got them on his feet because he was excited about the reports of snow (which didn’t happen in our neighborhood) and then fell in love with them because they are *stompy* in his word.

He tried three times to get out of going to school, then accepted it and moved on.  I know adults who don’t get over things as easily.  He objected appropriately and I hope I made him feel validated and heard, even though I had to be the adult.


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