And the timing was impeccable.

To the person who thinks they know how to care for my son better than I can…

To the person who called CPS with a “concern” that I was neglecting my son…

To the person who has no idea what you have put me through with your act…

How do you feel now?

Do you feel a rush of power, knowing you’ve caused me a PTSD meltdown and several flashbacks?

Do you feel a rush of self-importance?

Have you done your duty for your precious religion?

What rewards have you received for telling CPS I was neglecting my child?

Why do you feel you know what’s best for my child when you obviously do not know anything about me?

You are a coward.  If you knew me, you would know to come to ME first.  You would come to me and say “You look like you need help?  How can I help you?”


“Hello, CPS?  Yeah, this crazy bitch needs her kids taken away”

See, what you don’t know is there are a few people in my town who have been trying to get people to call CPS on me.  They have a personal grudge with me that they will not let lie.  So….You haven’t helped anyone.  You’ve only caused trouble and strife.

What the fuck did I ever do to you?

What you also don’t know is I can produce (physically produce) at least 50 people (IN PERSON) who can vouch for my parenting and my treatment of my son.  Your claims of neglect are unfounded, and were only made because you have some deep seated grudge against me.

I’ll say it again.  You are a coward.  Ask anyone.  You should have come to me.


I invoke the law of three.  What you have done will come back to you 3 times.  What every I experience from this, you get three times.  If this turns out to be a positive thing, then we all win.   If it turns out to be more stress and strife, I wish you to share that stress and strife with me.  Although, you must already be a pretty miserable person if all you have to do is pick on poverty stricken disabled children.  I hope your steak and your wine tasted alright tonight.  You probably voted for Trump too.


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