Your fun is my terror.

I slept, not much, but I slept. Getting ready for the interrogation and judgement against my parenting in a few hours. Caller, I hope you realize what pain and trauma you have caused. I hope someday you will find the courage to look me in the eyes and tell me you think I’m an unfit mother. Then you can tell me why you think you set the standards for parenting. I know for a fact you have NO experience with my son. You know why? Because I’ve spent almost every minute since the boy was born by his side. Who comforted him through night terrors and bloody noses (all kids get them) Who endured countless bites, physical injuries and bruises because I had to physically restrain him by myself in doctors offices, emergency rooms, and clinics. Who has gone without sleep for days because I was the ONLY ONE who cared about him.

And the rest of you, before you pick up that phone and dial CPS, why don’t you try and see if there’s anything else you can do first. STOP JUDGING WHAT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. You all live in houses you own, with jobs and decent cars and families and Moms and Dads and relatives and friends. Fix your own problems instead of trying to control everyone else.

I’m trying to stay calm, I really am. A thought came to me last night. I can check “worry about CPS trying to take my kids away” off the anxiety list. It’s something I don’t have to worry about anymore – thanks, caller.  Yes.  That’s sarcasm.

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