And then he gives me my gift.

So boy is being fun while playing the Wii, and I’m cheering him on. And he says something that sounds like
Ah Kee Ess Tom Oh ….
Which when I type it as Spanish, translates to here I love you
and in Portuguese (which he watches a LOT of ) as We are here
either way…kinda deep, even if he was just parroting. It was totally appropriate and in the moment. And beautiful.
Then I asked him. Isn’t that scary? Those deep canyons and the lava….Leaping what looks like miles on a little motor bike, being chased by bombs with teeth?   He smirked and drove his bike off the nearest cliff in high speed, crashed into the Lava, smirked again directly at me, and started the next round.  I heard him loud and clear.
Then he is driving along, and a cloud comes over his bike, sputtering and sparking.  He just stops, and sits there, waiting.  ZAP!  lightning zaps his bike and he gets really tiny!  Then he drives into the box in front of him and hits a button and BOOM he’s a bullet zapping through the tunnel.  Obstacles popped up, but instead of dodging them, he drove right into them, took whatever they dished out, then got back on track.
A sideways glance to me and yet another beautifully sarcastic smirk, and in my head I hear him say, “You taught me that, Mom.”   And then a smile spreads across his face so hard his ears move back on his head.  and he snuggles into me, pulling my arm around him, still in first place as a little chimp on a motorcycle in lava pits.  Mindfulness – a course by CJ.
Blessings upon you and your house and all who love you.
 Unconditional Love triumphs over all.

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