Quick update – it’s a happy thing.

The Principal and classroom teachers from the boys school all met with me individually with lots of hugs and support, and I found out that there is required paperwork employees have to fill out when they make a CPS report, and the principal had a meeting with staff to remind them that if they make calls, they must do the paperwork.  She has received no paperwork from anyone, and offered to let me come have coffee with her once a week if I wanted to talk.  I think that’s above and beyond kindness.  Thank you Emily and Roxy and Anita.  I’m just a very beat down and wounded bear mama.  I’m all claws, and I”m sorry about that.

I do trust my boy’s team at Lyon Elementary.  🙂

And they said in their opinions there was no reason for a CPS call.  I think that’s all I need to hear.  My OT agrees that there was no grounds for a CPS call.


So, I know now for sure it was personal.


I know a lot of good has come from this, but this wasn’t the way to get there.  I struggled getting through this.





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