Step by step

Soon, I should receive the letter in the mail from CPS that the case is closed.  Thank you to all of you who were supportive, and especially those who were references for me.  I do appreciate your kind words and energy.

He’s spent night 10 in the big boy bed.  We’ve been swimming twice in the therapy pool. He’s  decided this goal is achieved and no further discussion is needed.  We’ve started a bedtime ritual, which includes 15 minutes play time with his toy computers and such and then usually at 8 PM he rolls over and goes to sleep. He stayed in his bed quietly until after 6 AM today, and then came straight in my room and told me “I want to get up now. I want to go to the living room because I’m awake”. So we got up. He just started to get a bit frustrated with his computer, and I heard him whine “plugged in!” then he came over and calmly told me – with very little prompting and very few verbal calming commands and no physical calming commands – My computer is broken. Can you help me fix it? it needs plugged in.” Now, that didn’t happen in all one burst, and some verbal cues were needed but very few of them. We’re also having many conversations about what it would mean for him if he didn’t wear diapers anymore. He’s agreed, with a handshake (when I said “Do we have a deal – he stuck out his hand) that I will buy him MarioKart7 and whatever he needs to play it on when he stops wearing diapers for good. As I said, we’re still in the conversational stage. But with the progress with the bed – as in overnight adaptation – I think we can get him off the diapers in a couple months maybe. It’s worth a try.



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