The strings of your heart

I’m a musician, so one story in the series Buddha on Netflix that I watched really resonated with me.  He likened inner peace to a beautiful melody that you produce.  If your strings are too tight, the notes are hard to sound.  If your strings are too loose, the notes won’t sound.  If you are all wound up in crisis mode, you won’t find peace.  If you numb yourself and allow depression to grip you, you won’t find peace.

I take it a step further – as it’s not just my beautiful melody I’m responsible for – it’s my beautiful son’s too – But I cannot help tune anyone else’s strings if mine are wound too tight.  I’ve known all along that my melody affects his deeply – but didn’t know what to do.  I’m working on unwinding my strings.   He seems to sense this.

Are your strings too tight?

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