Doormat is not your nature

Another personal interpretation of a story from the series Buddha I watched on Netflix.

While passing through a village, a monk was asked to help the villagers with a snake problem.  The monk found the snake, and sat down and talked with him.  He explained that violence and striking out was not the best way.  The snake agreed not to be aggressive towards the villagers any more.

The monk went on his way.  A few months later he passed through the village and asked about the snake.  The children led him to a poor battered snake without much desire to go on with life.  They had bullied and stomped on him, tied rocks and ribbons on him, and really just beat him up good.  The monk asked the snake how he got that way, and he replied “I promised I would not be aggressive towards the villagers.  I kept my promise.

The monk explained non-violence.  He said “I asked you not to attack the villagers.  I never said you couldn’t hiss or protect yourself!”



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