Superman is a cartoon character

There is something you need to do – and you need to do it now.

Take me off the pedestal.

I am not special or different, and I have not been endowed with any special wisdom or knowledge.   I do not glow in the dark or have a special spandex suit.  My brain hasn’t been enhanced by chemicals or magical rays.

I cannot and will not listen to the phrase “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” anymore.  It is a phrase that makes the speaker feel better.  It is a phrase that releases the speaker from helping.  The speaker can assign it all to the mythical sadistic cloud-fairy-grandpa and then they aren’t obligated to put forth any energy.  There are no comforts in those words to a special needs parent.

Also, I cannot cure my son – or “fix” my son.  There is not a magic pill or therapy that will make him more tolerable.  We have steps of progress – but if you’re waiting for him to finally “be normal and well” – well, you’re gonna be waiting a long time.   I can’t make him potty train.  I can’t make him be quiet.  I can’t make him do anything.  Please stop expecting me to.


  1.  Special needs parents aren’t special.  We put our panties on one leg at a time.  We do not have special or extra knowledge or powers.
  2. There is no special needs parent school or book or guide or workshop or potion.  We honestly have NO CLUE what we’re doing.  Seriously.
  3. A diagnosis is just that – solely and completely a diagnosis.  There is no power in a diagnosis beyond what you give it.  It’s just a label – on a file folder that holds a kid that does things we don’t understand for reasons we can’t figure out.

Please take me off this pedestal.

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