When the present doesn’t feel like a gift you want to accept…

So I put him on the school bus for his last day at school.  I told him it was.  I told him to say goodbye to his teacher and his paras and his friends.  There will be no one familiar at his new school in the fall.  He held my hand and looked somber while we waited for the bus; a little slow to climb the steps.  I tucked a note in his back pack.  It said Thank you for every thing, and keep in touch.

I’ve never been more afraid in my life.  My oldest daughter reminds me often that we never envisioned this day right here.  It’s very true – I had no idea what I was fighting for, I just know I got dropped in a ring with some of the most ungodly creatures in the universe, and got good at surviving.  I finally feel like I’m on a neutral footing and taking a look around – I’m afraid.

In my last few hours of quiet for this school year, I’m finishing up the “thinking-time things” I needed to do.  I’ll be writing my memoir during Camp NaNoWriMo as well as participating in 50/90 – Fifty songs in 90 days.   Then there’s Honey War and Autumn war to prepare for –

Welcome to Summer 2017


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