Summer is here!

Summer is here!  I’m so happy to see it.  I love hearing the birds outside in the mornings – waking up to sunbeams crawling across my blankets and tickling my face.

There was a time where I lived outside all summer in my well kept yard with a fountain and a table and chairs.  This summer, I’m bringing it back.   Our seeds are sprouting – the crows are being nice and only eating the ones that don’t sprout.  We’ll have beans and squashes and peppers and sunflowers.  I’ve learned to love living on a higher latitude for the almost endless summer days – the last rays of light vanish around 11 PM and then flicker on in the east as early as 4 AM.   Hibernation is for the dark, wet winters.  Summer is the time.

Open the curtains, clean out the dust and let the light in.


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