Respect the boogers!

Parents day for special ed classes generally aren’t well attended for as many different reasons as there are snowflakes- I’ve only been to a couple – I decided his 5th grade year was important, so I showed up for it.

For science/health, they read a book called “I Am a Booger…Treat Me With Respect”.  You need this book.  Everyone needs this book.  I get no compensation for my endorsement of this book, and I don’t want to put a direct link to it – you’ll have to type it into Google yourself.

I Am A Booger…Treat Me With Respect!  Written by Julia Cook, illustrated by Carson Cook tackles the world of boogers – what they are, how they protect us,  and how we should deal with them.  Respecting the booger means giving it a proper burial in a tissue – how to safely remove boogers if they won’t blow out, and why we shouldn’t eat boogers are explained easily in a light-hearted yet straight forward manner that is non-threatening and open.  I would give this book to five-year-old me.

Get it for your bookshelf.

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