Whimsy Wednesday

I hate the phrase “hump day”, it implies climbing over something.  I prefer Whimsy – as in flying over it.  So Wednesdays here at Autism; Interrupted will from now on be Whimsy Wednesday.

I have 3 of my grandmother’s original paintings on my wall next to three original pencil drawings by my great grandmother.  When I’m feeling like I”m spinning hard in anxiety or panic, I stop and imagine I’m stepping inside one of the pictures on the wall.  Thank you, Mary Poppins and Blues Clues for teaching me how to do that.  I spend a few minutes on the beach at Gulf Shores, or on the banks of the Pearl River, or chatting with a blue jay who’s over 100 years old.  I don’t know who told me that being an adult meant you couldn’t play in imagination anymore.  I’m finding that five or ten minutes calms me down and helps me send all that anxiety into the ground.  It’s like a mini-vacation.

How can you add some whimsy to your day?


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Pearl Manhattan

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