If he needs help…

I love my Angelsense GPS tracker.  I love even more that we haven’t needed to use it ever – and that CJ hasn’t needed to wear it for the last few months.  He’s started summer school today, but he’s gone to this facility every summer since he was 3 – so I’m very confident in their abilities to care for my son.  So today, he’s wearing a T-shirt with a QR code patch.

https://ifineedhelp.org/  is an online registry for those with special needs.  I signed up and entered in the important information: CJ’s name, address, phone number, photo, diagnosis and special needs:  Non-verbal – runner – no personal safety.  Then, the entry was assigned a QR Code that is readable by any device that can read QR codes – your smartphone comes with an app to read QR codes.  You aim your camera at it and your device will bring up CJ’s webpage with all the contact and medical information and a photo.  You can order the QR code on various medium – I have a large supply of temporary tattoos, 5 patches, 5 tshirts with patches sewn on, a dogtag (we put it on his bicycle helmet) but you can download the picture of the code to your device, and transfer it to anything you want by printing it on magnets or stickers or whatever.  I recommend ordering from the site, because they are a non-profit organization that runs on sales and donations.

If you haven’t signed up, here’s a link:  If I Need Help

Please go check it out, sign up, and give yourself a LOT of peace of mind.


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