to the moon…..

Since I got CJ the iPad, he’s a different boy.  He monitors his time, usually does 30 minutes of ipad every couple of hours through the day, then just before bed.  Then he puts it on the charger so it will be charged in the morning.  He is very careful with it, and has started showing more responsibility and better behavior choices.

The OT noticed it and pointed it out.  She said four times in a row, CJ started to roll his tongue – but then stopped when he saw the look on her face – and he calmed himself down and was able to verbalize what he was feeling.  Huge step there.  Add to that he’s not parroting as much, but instead rewording sentences with his personal touch and in his own voice – which becomes more confident.  You can tell he’s figuring it out, sometimes it’s too loud, then he’ll be too soft, but he’s finding the balance.

The OT also said that he is ready to make the next step: giving CJ the skills to be on his own.  We’re so close…..  he even knows it.  He refuses any of the speech programs or aids for the ipad, “NO!  Big BOY”  which I”m taking to mean “I wanna do this, mom”  because that is his attitude, he is so much more patient – and works twice as hard to get the sentences right with no reward promised beyond verbal praise.  And oh, he loves verbal praise and encouragement.

The sky is the limit again – or still – I lost focus.  He’s finally starting to trust me.  It’s time for me to start trusting him.

Is it harder to let go when your baby has special needs?  Do I spoil him because he’s my baby or because he’s disabled?  What happens to me when he doesn’t need me anymore?

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