And two more steps forward…

So the boy started school yesterday – and everyone is amazed at how grown up he is – everyone except him.  The smirks and “I told you so” attitude explain his feelings perfectly.

At Occupational Therapy – the therapist had complete control – CJ didn’t bolt or run once – didn’t scream or yell – When he was frustrated, he said so.  I took him back to school and talked with his teacher.  She showed me his work from yesterday and told me that academically, he is far above the average for the classroom, and that’s why they have the 1:1 for six weeks.  She said they are all in triage mode, and I said no problem – nothing is set until the IEP review and the psych/special ed re-certification review in the next few months.  How exciting this next IEP is going to be!  He attended a Gen-Ed PE class with his age group yesterday.  I see more Gen-ed classes in his near future.  I see more independence in his future.  I see more freedom for both of us.

Oh my.  Do you see what I see?

I can’t wrap my brain around it right now.

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