And after all that – all they offer is “sorry”

Case manager never showed for the Care Assessment she pushed to have TODAY, 2 months early.  Called her office phone (only number I have) left messages after a greeting dated 2 weeks ago, pushed 0 for Case Manager of the day – got a generic voicemail.  Called main number 4 times, all four times the phone malfunctioned and never rang.  The 5th time, I got a receptionist who put me on hold for 5 minutes when I asked to speak to my case manager’s supervisor.  Got sent to a voicemail with a greeting with a schedule for 3 weeks ago.  Caregiver called also.  Finally, at the 1.5 hour late mark,  Caregiver got a live person on the phone (after asking firmly SEVERAL TIMES) and handed the phone to me.

She said:  “{{Case worker}} called out sick today and no one thought to check her schedule – I’m so sorry no one notified you”

I started talking and it all came out…about the other two case managers, how DDA has done nothing but ignore me, and how I am afraid of retaliation from the Casemanager because last time we called a supervisor,  she retaliated and violated many of our rights.  I don’t like people like that – who are loud and aggressive and vengeful and sneaky –

And to what end?

If this was one incident – a one off – would be a mild annoyance.

Every visit with a professional in the last 3 months has included a 10 minute lecture on the importance of not flaking on an appointment.  I’m threatened with Fees, charges, and even CPS and legal action for missing an appointment (I kid you not)  But I’m just supposed to take this with a vertical smile and a tub petroleum jelly.

The stress of living a life that has to be open to public scrutiny 24/7 is a lot.

Most people probably do not understand why this upsets me so much.  Obviously no one else with DDA has these issues, right?  It’s just me?  And if so, why?




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