and 2 steps forward…..

I spoke with the Caseworker Tuesday morning for an hour on the phone – I know it was recorded, and I’m grateful for that.  I appreciate it and usually request it when I can – but I had a feeling they would be recording it anyway.

As she explained the comedy of tragedies from her side, and I from mine, we agreed that it was a cascading communication failure all the way around.  This has highlighted a few inter-office issues for them that they are addressing now.  That is a comfortable solution for me also.  I have to view our journey as educational for others.  If I point out an error or fault, it’s so you can correct it so that no one else experiences that again.

Autism is still brand new – and although many feel comfortable throwing money at organizations they believe are helping don’t realize that while the facade of “Autism help” is big and blue and beautiful, behind the scenes, there’s no script, no stage hands, no production crew – just a bunch of puzzled actors stimming around and a bunch of exhausted, undervalued parents trying to keep it together in private because the stigma of not being superhuman is fatal.  We pick on the men – how men are supposed to be macho and strong – but what do we expect of our friends and family who are special needs parents.  Why don’t you expect that from yourself.

I met with a nutritionist about CJ’s diet, and she praised me – a lot. She said I’ve won battles I didn’t even know I was fighting. She said I have done an amazing job – and that children with CJ’s diagnosis she sees don’t eat the healthy things he does, and eat the junk he doesn’t like – And the way I’ve cooked food for him – and the way I’ve taught him to eat – She said we are in “fine tuning” for diet – I am to add a few supplements and remove lactose where possible.

In other words, there wasn’t much she would have done differently.

*mic drop*

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