Growing pains….

I practically had to dress the boy to get him on the bus this morning – he wasn’t fighting or complaining – he just wasn’t motivated.  He slept in till the last minute then the rush and on the bus.  I settled into my morning.

My phone rings about an hour later, he’s been crying since he got to school – he asked to go to the nurse’s office – he cried through breakfast, while he devoured a banana and a cereal bar.  He kept saying “I feel sad.  I feel sad.”  Teacher didn’t want me to come get him – I told her, “I have my keys in my hand” she said, “I know you do!!”  She agrees to call me after she checks on him in the nurses office.

10 minutes of pacing and checking my phone and more pacing, with keys in hand.  I should just go—- no.  No.  Teacher said no – don’t come get him – and I put the keys down again.  And then pick them up.  And then put them down…..

The phone rings again…  “He’s fine – sitting here in the classroom like nothing happened….He lay down in the nurses room for a couple of minutes and then he decided to come back to class on his own.  His 1:1 teacher was with him at all times.”

So, we talk about recent changes around him.  I mention that everything is changed now that the dental work has happened and he’s no longer in pain.   She mentions there’s been an addition to the classroom and it’s been an adjustment for everyone.

He kept turning his TV to the news last night and this morning – even though I turned it back to the kids channel several times.  He wanted to watch the coverage from Las Vegas – the shooting.  I’ve tried to talk to him about it a few times, but he covers my mouth and puts his arm around me and hugs me.  Add this to his very bad separation anxiety of late – the more independent he becomes, the less close we are – and my heart is breaking.


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