Does every parent have to live like this? Maybe I’m just misinformed about parenting? Do all of you have to document every breath you take for several agencies to make sure you’re parenting right? Do you have to pass regular monthly verbal interrogations about your parenting with each child from birth? Did your post-natal pediatric checks involve a full naked body examination where they documented any marks on the body? Mine have. Are you required to check in 15 to 30 minutes for ALL appointments while you watch everyone else walk right in and are taken back? Are your phone calls with any organization recorded?
I live a very clean life. I live a very open life. I’ve never missed an appointment. I’ve never called-out on one of CJ’s appointments. He has perfect attendance awards from EVERY YEAR at Tacoma Public Schools. He is always in clean clothes, appropriately dressed (even when the school requires you purchase their uniform requirements from THEM – no financial assistance – and we all have 50 bucks to lay out for sweat shirts and tshirts – because no other shirts are allowed. He is always fed, and according to Multicare – he is in perfect physical health. What more am I supposed to be doing? Are you just angry I haven’t cured his autism and you have to spend your work hours working with him? Are you covering for your own inept parenting by pointing fingers at me – Are you just following the example of those you elected in charge – playing “Hey…look at that person …don’t look at me” …
I’m tired of people just doing a “JOB” to get their paycheck so they can go home and abuse their children.

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Pearl Manhattan

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