Who do you trust – more thoughts….

When my son was in elementary school, a child came in late, and told the the employee in the nurse’s office he was hungry. The nurse asked him several times “Does your mother go shopping? Does your mother buy food? Do you have food in the house? Did someone fix you breakfast this morning?” This was a small child, probably 1st grade. I felt those questions were very invasive – and there was no adult representative with the child – and the conversation was being held in the entryway of the school.

How many of that child’s rights were being violated? Wouldn’t it have been better to call the parent or guardian and ask directly instead of assuming the parents were neglecting their child? What business is it of the school employee who shops or cooks in the house?

I didn’t call CPS – I didn’t call anyone. I feared and still do fear retaliation from that school. If I had money to afford an attorney, there’s a lot of things I would speak up about. Unfortunately, when your government keeps you poor, hungry, and hopeless – it’s hard to keep going.

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