Who do you trust…

When the professionals you’re required by law to leave your children with most their waking hours in their most formative years cannot look you in the eye and talk to you about their concerns, what parental rights do you really have?

My son is required to attend school – by law.  The employees in his schools have not worked in his best interest most of the time.  It’s favorable to “tattle” on those you deem bad parents instead of reaching out yourself.  If you say to my face you don’t know how I manage this, then please do not assume you have any right to tattle on me about “concerns”.

An Abuse complaint against me has surfaced – originally reported to DDA by “someone” (I am not allowed access to any personal information regarding the report – not even the accusations)  in January, but not reported to CPS or the local police, as is procedure for an abuse call.  Now, all parties involved in any of the CPS or DDA things in our lives Dec 2016 to present are no longer employees there.  My current DDA case manager, who has no knowledge of this beyond what she sees in the file, now gets to call CPS and the local police, explain the whole thing, and give her personal statement as our DDA worker and a former CPS investigator, as well as foster parent, and special needs parent to attest that there are no concerns of abuse or neglect in the home at this time, nor should there be any concerns in the future.

I have nothing to hide here.  Still.  Again.  I’m not upset – or angry.  Someone, mistakenly but innocently, thought they were doing what was best for CJ.  The intent was good – the action was not the best choice.  I have to believe we get what we give.  Whatever energy the agency callers put out – I want that to return to them.  If they had the best intentions for my son – then how can I be angry with that.  Then they should get only acts of their best intentions returned.  🙂

But for those who continue to make calls and say things out of darkness in their ego, well you will only continue to get that darkness back.   And those of us who are light will just continue to shine.  You can’t put out the sun.

Now I’m going to make some high protein high vitamin bread and cookies for my son and enjoy the beautiful day that it is outside.  Maybe you should go outside too.

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