The blog post where I finally exhale.

Case is closed.  Everyone did exactly what they were required to do by law today – and for once, the gears meshed and everything went exactly as it should have.  Communication was open and honest, and the resolution is amicable with ALL of Today’s parties involved.

The complaint involved people who no longer work in their positions and something comparable to a scribble on a post it note on a sheet of paper in a file in a box of case files from a former employee’s desk.

My current DDA case worker is cleaning up a really bad mess she had nothing to do with – and she’s being honest and open with me all the way.  She’s on my side for as long as they let her keep my case.  I’m now a CPS and Multicare certified parent.

The middle school my son attends is basically building a program for my son based on his IEP – and meeting and exceeding my expectations.  I have a great IEP team.

Multicare and Dr. Tomkins are doing so much for us – and the Children’s Therapy Unit – the staff there have ALWAYS treated me and my son with the highest of respect and care.  I am so grateful the CTU was there to help get us into all the other places we’ve stepped into.  If it wasn’t for Joy at the CTU, I”m not sure where we’d be at all.

So, now, I’m putting up my armor and the shield and I’m putting down the baseball bat…at least here in the blog.  I appreciate your patience and your listening to me – I know you are there – and just knowing that helps me.  The next blog post will be the start of my recommendations ….  Time I started being educational.


Thanks for hanging with us through the journey.

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