So what am I interrupting?

I chose the title for our story, Autism; Interrupted. , very carefully.  The semicolon always looked like a hand on a shoulder to me, and that’s the gesture I use with CJ to interrupt his behavior.  I’ve long believed that some of his behaviors were from anxiety and not just “the autisms”, and responded to the anxiety I perceived through his behaviors.  More times than not, I’m interrupting the anxiety.  I have become quite hopeful that once we break through this language barrier – CJ and the “the whole team” – we can treat the anxiety in more conventional, proven ways, and then – maybe there won’t really be any “autism” left to treat.  It must be absolute hell for him to be trapped inside that head.  He’s as tired and frustrated as I am – but we both keep going – under protest – which is allowed.

I wanted to share an article I read today about Anxiety and Autism.  Please enjoy.

Unmasking Anxiety in Autism


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