Why don’t you just ask me?

If you want to know something about me, my kids, and their welfare, why don’t you just ask me?

People are calling my caregiver, trying to get in touch with my adult children, contacting my facebook friends,  schools, doctors, etc…….

If you would just ask me, and believe me – we wouldn’t be in this mess.

If something was broken or unsafe in my house, I would fix it or call the landlord to fix it.  I haven’t called them because nothing is broken.  In fact, in January, the owner of the house had a home inspection done by the city.  I would think the landlord would have contacted me if something was amiss.  No one did.  That is because everything works in the house.

If I felt my mental state was so compromised I couldn’t care for my son completely,  I would tell someone.  I love my son.  I want the best for my son.  If I couldn’t handle it, I would be the first to say so.

I am available for him 24/7 – I don’t turn off my phone when he’s out of the house.  We go to all his appointments – and his Multicare MyChart is current and up to date.  We see a nutritionist, a speech therapist, and occupational therapist, a dentist and a pediatrician at least monthly.  We have nutrition shakes and diapers delivered through medicaid.  I prepare meals for him at home from scratch, and he eats well at school.

I’m not incompetent.  I’m not sure why everyone thinks I am.

I ask for help because I cannot fathom why I’m alone here.  I’m worth all this questioning and gossip and judgement.  Why can’t I be worth your time and energy for my mind – my smile?  I’m lonely – a single – widow- orphan – lonely.  I don’t want to hang out in bars or have a friend-with-benefits.  I want someone who says “you’re worth waking up to every morning” and then STAYS.  I want someone who says “I’ll get the dishes this time, but I’m cooking tomorrow night and you get the dishes.  Deal?”   I want someone to laugh with and talk with.  I want someone who doesn’t have to go home because they already are.



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