Goodbye bus harness

I remember the day they told me he needed a bus harness – a set of straps zipped onto him with anchor rings at the shoulders and waist, that get snapped into clips on a belt strapped to the seat of the bus.  He did need it.  The bus driver looked like she had been through a tornado – and she was so stressed out.  He had taken off his shoes and socks and tried to throw them out the window – he tried to open the emergency door on the freeway, and he loved dancing in the aisle.   The bus was such a fun place to stim and explore.

Today, my grown up boy walked to the bus and handed his harness to the bus driver with a smile on his face, then walked to his seat and helped put on the seat belt.  I stood in the driveway and tried not to cry.

I guess that’s the hardest part of this – not getting to share the good moments with anyone.  Sure, I can write about them and tell you about them – but I still try to turn around and tell someone – Hey – My boy doesn’t need a bus harness anymore!!  You kinda have to be there to get it.

So many BIG steps forward in just a few weeks.

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