More breakthroughs….

Interactive imaginary play happened for the first time this morning with me and CJ.  He made stuffed animals talk (in a deep voice) and made the huge stuffed Barney shake my hand.

Then the bus harness….

Then the OT appointment – I apologized to the OT for the LONG progress note she’s having to write today.  From his frustrated yet completely appropriate whispered “I’m trying! I’m trying! I’m trying” when he didn’t understand a verbal direction from the OT to turning the stimming into words – starting to escalate himself, then stopping and saying “I don’t like that card!”  And the facial expressions.  I thought I was watching his face all along – or maybe this is new – but you can read his face like a book – yet his body is relaxed and calm and regulated.  She did say the long progress notes were what kept the services coming – But I maybe might can see a day where he graduates from the CTU because he doesn’t require services anymore.  Maybe.  Okay yes!  I see it.  I see it much sooner than I imagined.

I see a lot of things I didn’t see before.  A lot of hope – a lot of strength – and a lot more chapters ahead.

One step back and two steps forward, it’s how we mark the rhythm of our days.


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