Thank you, IEP team!

At one point in the IEP review, a few members of the team brought up the school robotics team and how they’d like to get CJ involved in that.  Another team member said something about “So when he’s in Gen-ed Science…” and his art teacher was there just to learn more about CJ so she could connect with him – because she’s that kind of teacher.

I became emotional.  When.  When he’s in Gen-ed.  Not if.  No conditions.  That is the goal, not the daydream.  And he will get there.  It will be a lot of work though.  His test scores are not good – his math and comprehension are very low level.  But he can read and spell a very large amount of words…in English and Spanish.  I suggested they get him interested in spelling bees.

I brought up his practicing his frisbee at home, and the Occupational Therapist almost shouted with surprise – He did show marked improvement every day at school! – and I said, because he came home and practiced on his own every night.  We didn’t understand why he was suddenly interested in frisbee.

I love the goals his teacher and the rest of the team have for CJ – and I know CJ does too.  He just wants to be a grown up.


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