And suddenly…November.

I got to put together a shelving unit for my older kid this morning.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy assembling things.  Then I sat down to write.  I’ve attempted NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in the past, but never was able to stick with it very far.  I was going to attempt, yet again, to write my memoir, so I dusted off the copy of “The Walnut Angel” and started to copy and paste in the synopsis and excerpts.

I was derailed and overtaken by what I think was a plot bunny – and I watched as my hands backspaced and deleted all the information I had pasted in – and then I started typing.

A sci-fi  novel about a woman named Sayana being oppressed by the New Terran Empire.


Yep.  Then I wrote the first chapter – 1,684 words, and posted an excerpt on the NaNoWriMo page.  Daily goal met.  Look Ma – I’m a writer.

I’ve pledged to write 1600 words a day for the rest of November about Sayana.  It will keep me out of trouble, I think.  So I may not say much here, but I’ll check in daily as I can.  Thanks again to Tacoma Public Schools for giving me peace of mind that my son is safe and happy and learning when he’s at school.  It gives me time to relax and be creative.



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