Will we ever be safe?

Here I am again – 5:30 AM – alone and worrying.

What type of bullying and harassment will this state employee and DSHS DDA worker do to me today and get away with it.  That’s what upsets me the most – she works for an agency that is supposed to help disabled people.  She has done nothing to help my son.  She has ONLY harassed and bullied me and my son’s caregiver.  No one seems to believe or care about it though.  They believe that because this large, loud intimidating woman says she’s a nice person that I’m lying about her.  How many other parents and clients has she bullied and intimidated and just “messed with” for her own enjoyment?

We’ve brought up to her and her supervisor that all the office voicemails are at least a week behind – if not a month..well, we left voicemails to that effect.  No one answers their phone at DDA anymore either.  Emails aren’t answered unless they need information.

This woman has caused me great mental distress and illness, and continues to severely interfere with my ability to parent my son.

Why is it her word against mine – and why is everyone on her side.

Again – everyone runs away when I need help the most.


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Pearl Manhattan

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