expectations and explanations

I feel I spend a lot of time explaining why other’s expectations don’t fit in our environment.  Thanksgiving is a perfect time to talk about differences and inclusion because to me it’s the most stress filled and misunderstood holiday celebrated in the United States.

The thanksgiving story we were sold in grade school was not the truth.  We can’t blame the adults who taught us the stories of how the generous, altruistic white europeans arrived in a foreign country believing it was a gift from their deity to exploit and destroy.   We try to temper the truth to make it more palatable, because their deity wasn’t our deity – that was then, this is now –

…but we still glorify the lie and celebrate it.  How do I know?

Turkey.  I don’t like turkey.  I never have.  A lot of people I know do not like turkey.  But Turkey is a million dollar industry – HUGE money maker – just because of Thanksgiving.  Some have tried to jazz it up, by stuffing it with other things like entire ducks and chickens or pork or small mammals.  What other holiday do we serve Turkey?  How many times have you searched the internet for “leftover turkey recipes”?


This graphic came through my facebook feed, and I loved it instantly.  Make your own traditions this year.



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