tough day – tough love

My son is so blessed to have such a wonderful team who loves him like he was their own child.  Today was different – and different isn’t always good for CJ – He woke up okay, but when the routine went a different direction – the annual visit to the Developmental Neuro-psychologist – he became a surly, grumpy teenage boy who just answered “Yes” to everything – much like Judd Nelson’s character in the Breakfast club….  The facial expression was “If I say Yes enough will you please just leave me alone in my room with my iPad?” …and my answer was “This is not acceptable behavior.  I don’t like your attitude and you are not acting like a grown up boy at all”.

His therapists tough-loved him through the session.  It’s not often he has a bad day – but today was one.  His OT said it best though – she said he needs the frustration to push against and push through – his successes come through his frustration and determination.  So he pushes back, and we push back harder and he pushes through it and takes another step.  It’s kinda like giving birth every day all over again.  every day.  And ALL the feels that come with that.  Sometimes I think it’s better that it’s just him and me.  I don’t know many people who could hang onto a roller coaster ride like this one without developing unhealthy coping mechanisms.  I guess my extremely dysfunctional childhood was just to prepare me for this.  I just hope he keeps on stepping forward.  I’ve run out of carrots – now we have to find a whole new set of motivators.  The only one I’m left with is his sense of reason and fairness.  We’re gonna talk about today – probably tomorrow – when he’s in a better place.  I don’t think he’s too happy with himself about it, so I’m not gonna drag it up – but we need to talk about it.  Talking seems to be working so far.


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