The inner child…

Somewhere way back in the late 60’s, a little girl had to grow up very quickly.  She missed out on a lot of things – but she didn’t realize it – until many decades later.

I had driven up to visit my oldest kid.  She lives in a more economically secure city north of me.  We were daycationing on the cheap – so we went to the thrift store.  I found a large, pink, fluffy, stuffed unicorn laying in a corner.  It was huge, and wouldn’t fit in the basket at all.  Around it’s left foreleg was a paper band and a price tag – $6.99.

Seriously? I could have this unicorn I’ve dreamed of since I was a tiny girl for the price of a Starbucks fancy drink….


It made for quite the sight – our little parade – My oldest in a wheelchair with a broken knee – clutching this unicorn that spilled out over her and the chair – while big kid and oldest’s partner took turns pushing the wheelchair.  The boy and I brought up the rear.  The walk home was more fun than any of us have had in a long time.

I stuffed the unicorn in the trunk and we made our way home.

As I love a good guilting, I ruminated over my purchase silently all the drive home – waste of money on frivolous things – Something else to take up precious space in my room – on and on. I got home and unicorn was put on top of a bin of shoes in the closet.

A couple days later, I was looking for something in my room, so I did some cleaning.  The unicorn was tossed on my bed and ended up behind my pillows.  I didn’t think anything of it and went on with my day.

When the evening came, I was so tired I fell into bed and right to sleep.  When I woke up at 3 AM as I do every morning for no reason – I was holding on to the unicorns foreleg with one hand and the fingers of my other hand were tangled in it’s mane.  It was the first morning in years I hadn’t woke up scared and disoriented.

Unicorn still doesn’t have a name – but it sleeps behind my pillows and I sleep a lot better with it there.

You’re never too old for a stuffed animal.


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