Honoring a veteran

Lt. Col Pearre DuBrutz Jacques, USAF

He was a student at St. John’s College until his appointment to Brooks Field, San Antonio, Texas, U. S. Air Corps Training Center, where he graduated and was commissioned a lieutenant in the Air Service. After completing a year’s service, he reverted to inactive status in the Air Corps Reserve. He worked in a tannery.  World War II sent him active duty in the USAF.  He flew payroll to the Atlantic Theater bases and flew bombers (and anything with wings that would get off the ground) out of New Guinea in the Pacific Theater.  After he few his required missions, he never flew again in any capacity.  Others told of how he said once he saw Jesus in the clouds – but he wasn’t a religious man when I knew him.  There were piles of photo albums – pictures he developed himself inside his raincoat – pictures of New Guinea tribe people – the topless women with all their pride and attitude and their dark skin looking like warm, fresh chocolate cake without icing – and beads and shells.

He passed away just after the turn of the millennium in his early 90’s.

He was my grandfather.  I miss you granddaddy.

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