Country roads, take me home

The daycation yesterday was to the south – to visit a friend’s dad in a town without even a flashing yellow light at the main intersection.  A tiny once-a-few-families larger former logging town where Kurt Cobain played with his band at a house party once, where people keep their horses and livestock in their back yards – literally.  Where the gated community also has cattle traps and dirt roads.

I was gifted a double armload of cast iron pans – legacy pans – generations of love – and now to me – even though there isn’t a legal or biological bloodline there – there’s a mutually adopted one – And I’m honored to inherit a few cast iron pans.  It’s a little bit of home come back.

I met a horse and fed him apples – I told him up front I was scared he’d bite my fingers, and he showed me he wouldn’t dare – he was more like a big puppy than any horse I’ve ever met.  The owner said it was an arena horse when he got him, the horse didn’t know what a stream or a trail was.  Now they spend hours on hours riding together.

We stopped on the way home at a really lovely restaurant in Chehalis called Jeremy’s Farm to Table.  This place is more than worth the drive – and it’s about halfway between Tacoma and Portland, so it makes for a midway stop.  It’s a market, a restaurant, a wine bar, a lounge, and an event spaces.  All I know is the pickles are amazing!  Please go check out the website, and give them a try next time you’re out.  They are doing a Thanksgiving buffet with all the traditional foods for about 35 a person, I believe?

Jeremy’s Farm to Table

And as usual, we caught the Dupont to 512 parking lot on I-5 on the way home.  It seems it doesn’t matter what time of day, what day of the week, every time I go through there, it’s always 5 MPH and never a reason.

It rained while we were inside places, but the driving time was sunny and clear.  We picked up all the tourist swag we could find on our stops; all planning for more daycations.


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