Karma train runs on a round track.

So I opened the email newsletter from one of my favorite music production software packages, Stagelight by Open Labs, Wednesday evening and as I’m scrolling through, I see my picture…

and my name….

Oh My.  Go look!!!

I was selected Artist of the Month – and they wrote such a lovely review of my album Aquarian and my whole Soundcloud catalog.  I’ve been searching for words since then – honored, flattered, touched, moved, validated..yes all those things and more.  I got the news as I was driving to the train station to meet my oldest child and bring her home for thanksgiving.  We settled in and celebrated, me and my kids till the early morning, then got up early and took turns napping on the couch through the day.

My boyfriend came over to feast with us, and handed me a torn envelope with plastic cards inside.  “These are from an Anonymous donor:  could be anything from 20 to 40 dollars on each one – but they hope it helps”.  Three Kroger gift cards, $25 bucks each.  Each card could feed us well for a week.  Thank you, Anonymous donor, whoever you are.

The turkey was perfect, and so was the roast.  The vegetables were great – and purple potatoes are a BIG hit with my family.  There are enough leftovers for a nice turkey noodle casserole tomorrow and not a bite more.

And then, it was bedtime.  And we all went to bed at a good hour, and fell asleep and slept all night. This morning, I feel good.  Yesterday was perfect.  I love my drama free life.



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