Happy – uh – holidays…

Thus begins that strange not autumn, not winter, not turkey day but not giftmas (stop before you object to that term – if I had capitalized the G – it would be Giftmas, and in the Christian religion – Jesus was considered the greatest gift of all – so I’m still including you, even though I do not subscribe to your beliefs) That limbo land of the tryptophan hangover and the carb-bloat.

Starting December first, I’ll be writing about the 25 Holiday memories from my life that I remember the most – I’ll also share the interesting traditions and other’s holiday stories I’ve picked up on the way.  I hope you enjoy the writing.  It doesn’t look like I’ll make my 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo this year – but I may break 25,000 before the end of the month – which is more than I had when I started.

It’s been the best Turkeyday ever for me – and I hope my kids feel the same.  I’ve worked hard to provide a drama-free environment.  It’s meant breaking traditions – but when something doesn’t work for you anymore, it’s time to update it.  You don’t have to have drama in your life – you choose it.  Let’s make a promise that this holiday season, we’ll just avoid the drama.  It may mean a lot less on the social calendar – but drama isn’t about you being seen – or you at all.  Trust me – quiet is nice.


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