Karate lessons – he said.

The boy started saying “Karate Lessons – I want karate lessons”.  I contacted a friend of mine who has a dojo nearby, and we agreed to drop by Saturday during the beginner class.  CJ watched the students work through some kicks and movements, then Sifu called the students in a line and one by one, they all came up and shook his hand and introduced themselves.  CJ LOVED THIS!  He was so happy, he greeted each one of them with their names and a big Hello, smiling and laughing and trying hard not to flap his arms and dance for each one of them.  He was deeply touched by their greeting.  After class, Sifu took him into another room where there were wooden practice dummies and a few weapons stands.  CJ went straight for the rack of practice weapons and was quickly redirected.  It would figure my boy would go for the great big shiny things!  He was interested in interacting with the practice dummy and watched some students work through the movements on the dummies.

Most of all though, he was completely interested in the Goku figurines on display in the office.  He played with all of them and I think he may have kissed one goodbye before we left.  Sifu also encouraged CJ to ring all the gongs in the building several times, which CJ enjoyed a lot.  He was very quiet on the ride home and when we got home.  Later that afternoon, I got a picture of him in my head in one of the blue uniforms the students wore standing in front of a practice dummy.  I went in his room and asked him if he liked the uniforms.  “Yes” he answered very quickly.  I think he’s very interested, but he’s not ready yet – but soon.  I’ve seen other pictures in my head of him moving through the the kicks and such – so I know he wants to get there – and soon we will be there.


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