Vinegar or Chandy?

As we roll into the holidays and all the charities and fundraisers get going full blast, I can’t tell whether I hate it or love it.  I could use some help – especially with Christmas – but Angel Trees and The Salvation Army Gift Box don’t really work for us as CJ isn’t an average 12 year old – and he is 12 in a little more than a month – You can suggest things like clothing sizes or favorite things to do – but it’s really “take it or leave it” when it comes to the gifts.  I don’t want to waste energy being negative about gifts – the intent and presentation were lovely in every case – and all meant well – but you can’t give a box full of small choking hazards (k’nex, tinker toys, erector sets, model sets, paints) to a child with the medical condition PICA – which means tries to eat any and everything – whether or not it’s food – I know your nephew’s brother’s reddit group said it was the perfect gift for a 12 year old boy – but not this 12 year old boy.  I’ll leave the opportunities for others who can use and appreciate the gifts they’ll get.

I’m working on a Giftmas List for CJ and I will post it here on December first with his letter to Santa.  He’s being very teenager about writing to Santa, but I know there are people interested in hearing what he wants this year so you can look forward to seeing it this Friday.  I’m pushing hard to get a high word count by Thursday night for National Novel Writing Month.  Yesterday, I had a creative surge and wrote 4820 words in one day! So other than picking up the borrowed artificial tree on Wednesday, there will be no Giftmas prepping until Friday and much more writing this very rough draft of a sci-fi novel with an all female cast.

Also – Look for a few changes Friday as we shift into the holiday spirit with a whole month of posts dedicated to a handmade giftmas season – when you really wish you had the money but you don’t.  From decorating the tree with handmade ornaments to thoughtful yet simple to craft gifts for those close to your heart.  Every day I’ll share a new craft, recipe or tip to cut your costs and raise your joy!  Stay tuned.


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