It’s beginning to look a lot like…..


That’s the term I’m coining for this holiday season.  I introduced it a few days ago, and so far the feedback has been positive – the one person who commented 😉  so….


I’ve been teasing you all for the last few posts about my plans for this blog and December.  This year, I’m doing a “buy nothing” Christmas.  We don’t have a tree or any decorations – they’ve been left behind and lost in my many moves.  This year, I’m only using borrowed or handmade decorations and I’m only giving handmade gifts.  Don’t worry – I’m an old pro at this – I was raised by depression era grandparents and a hippy mother, I know about thrift and frugality.

I wrote an essay a few years back that has become a chapter in my “in-progress” memoir called “The Walnut Angel”  It’s the story of hope in the bleakest face of adversary.  This Giftmas season, I’m going to re-enact as much of that story as I can – and I want to share the journey with you.  I’ll be making the ornaments and the Walnut Angel my mother made in that sad little trailer park outside of Las Vegas.  I’ll be sharing, for the first time, my “food-bank gourmet” recipes – good, fancy food with everyday cheap ingredients you get from the local food bank.   And I’ll be sharing all the DIY gifts I”m making – (Kids – don’t read those posts, okay?  I want you to be surprised Giftmas morning!)  And after the recycling is taken out and the thank yous exchanged, we’ll talk about preparing for the new year – The right way to do resolutions, setting up a housework plan or not, and putting the past behind us.

This is how I’ve made lemonade from the mutant, rotten lemons life has thrown at me.  I hope you can find something of value in it.

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